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Different Types of Curly Hair

Hair is complex. Let’s start there. Even the shape of your hair follicle makes a difference! Other characteristics like porosity, density and even width play a big role! Curly hair is a diverse category that is often overlooked. There are many types of curly hair and your curl type has a scale rating. What’s your […]

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The Curly Girl Method

Curly hair can be difficult to take care of and sometimes, even harder to style. Lorraine Massey’s The Curly Girl Method is one of the few hair care regiments that have a huge international following. The premise is simple: Less is more. It’s common to think that we need a basket of products to keep […]

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8 No-No’s for Relaxing Black Hair

The majority of black women straighten their tresses through chemical means, usually through the application of a relaxer. If you want straight hairstyles, a relaxer gives you that option without worrying that your hair will revert to its naturally curly/kinky texture if you get caught out in the rain or want to swim. Getting your […]

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