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Curly Hairstyles for any Face Shape

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When we’re looking for a new hairstyle, there are tons of options, regardless of what kind of hair you’ve got. The trick is to know how to style your hair.

Sure, how curly your hair is, the thickness and even colour can sometimes play a part in deciding what kind of hairstyle you go for. However, one of the most common restrictions we put on ourselves when picking a hairstyle is our face shape. Will my facial structure be able to pull off a pixie cut? Some say it’s important to consider your face shape so that you can find a hairstyle that creates the illusion of the ideal oval face shape. Others don’t quite care as much.

The different types of face shapes

There are many ways to when picking your curly hairstyles. Some of the common shapes are:

  • Oval
  • Square
  • Heart
  • Triangular
  • Diamond
  • Round
  • Oblong

Round Face

Have you ever been compared to the moon in the least flattering way possible? You might have a round face! Adding more structure to your hair can help slim down a round face shape and create angles.


A loose or tousled ponytail reduces the volume of hair near your ears. With a small poof, you can increase the height at the top of your head, elongating it. This will give you a more oval look even if you have a perfectly spherical face!

Side Swept

A side part slims the face whereas a middle partition can emphasise your forehead and face. If you’ve got thick hair, the volume can help lengthen the look of your face.

Oblong Face

On the other side of the spectrum are oblong face shapes. Bangs and face-framing are key to making an oblong face shape appear smaller and wider, rather than longer.

Baby Doll

Try wearing straight, blunt bangs or layer your hair to create extra width around your cheeks. Pair it with a low ponytail or a side braid to balances out an oblong face shape.

Heart Face

A heart face is essentially an inverted triangle and just like oblong face shapes, these chicks can get away with baby doll bangs cut below the brows. This style decreases the appearance of a wide forehead. However, unlike people with an oblong face shape, you’ll need to pair this with a quick bob.

Side-swept curls

Draping your curls across your forehead balances out the most prominent area of your face. However, the side-swept curls decrease the width of your cheeks so that you don’t look like you’ve got a diamond face shape.

Long, loose layers

Long layers create the illusion of an oval face shape by narrowing the forehead. Not to mention, the long layers also soften the face shape, especially if you’ve got a narrow chin.

Square Face

People with a square face shape tend to have a strong, angular look. Because of this, square faces tend to look better with a middle part.


Long hair that extends below the collarbone counteract and take attention away from the wide cheekbones and jawlines that are characteristic of this face shape. Loose waves and the swept-back volume at the crown de-emphasises this face shape.

Short cut

A short-tapered cut with extra height on top can give the illusion of a longer face.

Oval Face

This face shape is often considered to be the “perfect” face shape, but only because these shapes can pull off almost any hairstyle. Examples of this face shape are stars like Zoe Saldana, Rihanna, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian. But with great power comes great responsibility and the pressure to make sure your way always looks great!

When it’s all said and done, it’s your face and confidence with which you present your hairstyle that is going to make it work for you. Use this as a guideline to find out what curly hairstyles you might like, but don’t let it stop you from getting what you want!

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