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World of Curls Gel Activator Regular


World of Curls Gel Activator gives dramatic definition, shape, and control to wavy, curly, and afro hair. Curl activator gel is ideal for preventing stubborn flyaway and frizz, leaving your hair smooth, manageable, and ready to be styled.

Curl activator gel is great for straightening and smoothing normal, thick, and coarse hair.

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Want to style your afro hair in a jiffy? We have the right product for you. World of Curls Hair Products brings to you curl activator gel that’s perfect for wavy, curly, or afro hair.

It provides ultimate moisturizing benefits to make your hair soft and manageable while activating your natural curls and waves. Try World of Curls Hair Products now for hydrated, manageable tresses that retain their natural curls so that you can flaunt them every day.


World of Curls

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm


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